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What’s new in Revision C?

  • Additional multi-purpose output (3 total; 2 previously)
  • Additional thermistor input (3 total; 2 previously)
  • Improved transient protection for harsh environments
  • Lower power consumption
  • Increased protection from accidental shorting or incorrect current sensor installation

More powerful processor allowing for new software features:

  • Support for 5 unique and fully programmable CANBUS messages (previously 3)
  • New event logging records certain events such as outputs turning on & off
  • BMS utility can now connect to the BMS via CANBUS or RS-232
  • Improved usage statistics including temperature, C rate, and state of charge histograms
  • Improved diagnostic information

Many additional new software features will be introduced in future firm-ware updates. Future firmware updates will only apply to hardware revision C and newer due to processing power limitations in revisions A & B.

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